Sunday, January 31, 2010

Schnibble and Gee's Bend

The two are not related, but certainly a part of a very enjoyable weekend.  Both the play and visit with dear friends made my quick visit to Hartford memorable. 

Gee's Bend at the Hartford Stage Company presented vignettes of the lives of one family from 1939 to present with a host of beautiful quilts throughout.  The stage set itself created the visual background through a series of back drops of quilt-related geometric designs that mirrored the Gee's Bend style.  Four actors traced the history of the times, family, and quilts.  The stage itself had the river running through it with water.  And the gospel singing throughout the play mirrored the singing of the quilters from the Sister's quilt show video.  There were several quilts in the lobby... so all in all, a worthwhile experience.

And Madeline... there just weren't enough days in the month to finish completely but I used today to savor working on finishing the top - and savoring the Roueneries fabric.  I love working with it.  It probably took much longer than needed because it was so difficult to decide which piece to cut. 
Have a great evening


  1. Sounds like a very satisfying weekend for you. Madeline looks did a good job!

  2. Very well done. I too had a hard time deciding which fabric to cut out. Your Madeline is beautiful.

  3. It's beautiful! I love that fabric too. I'm hoarding a Fat Qtr Bundle. No project in mind for it, I just love it and had to have it...I'm bad, LOL!

  4. Hi Lynda, I wish I could share some carrot cake with you!

    Your quilts are wonderful (Love the wool applique piece!), your snow is amazing, and I'm so sorry about your Jeep! What a day that was for you!

    Have a great Feburary first!


  5. The play sounds interesting.....and your quilt is coming right along....

  6. Linda, your madeline is beautiful! I love reading your blog too!

  7. what a lovely quilt top - the colors are fantastic