Thursday, January 21, 2010


It started snowing on Sunday afternoon and continued until today.  I wanted to share some pics as if we are hit with another storm, I may not be able to see out of the window.  I did go outside to get the full impact for some of these.  If you remember the snowman picture -- this is the same door...

Here are a few others from outside...

One of the remaining icicles on the porch - the temperature has gone above freezing and these are dropping -

 The older part of the house has a metal roof, so all of the snow piled in front slides down once the sun hits... with a roar and splat that sets Jack Russells to barking and otherwise making fools of themselves.

As far as quilting, not a good week... I finished the second story quilt...

The only difference is the red polka dot in this one vs the green in the first.

Most of the week has been spent dealing with this --

My much-loved car - 98 Grand Cherokee with a 5.9 engine which just means it pulls or pulled a horse trailer with ease.  So much for stopping to call 911 for a roll-over in New Hampshire... you are asked to stay on the phone and provide information - so I stayed in the car on the shoulder of the road and was hit by a young lady without insurance who was speeding!  I ended up with bumps and bruises and the usual aches that appear days later -- and a lovely black eye!  Sadly, my car was totaled - so I have had to be my own advocate all week.

I am committed to getting some work done today and will share tomorrow... need therapy if nothing else.

Have a great day.


PS - I have yet to figure out how to easily respond to comments which I would love to do... working on it today.  Always enjoy every comment.


  1. Ouch! So sorry about your accident. Good excuse to stay in and stay warm and recover. Maybe you can get lots of sewing done! I love the quilt you are working on.

  2. I'm so sorry about that accident and the annoyance you will surely incur trying to get things resolved. *sigh* However, the photos in your post are lovely (and just how I like to see snow...someplace ELSE)!!!

  3. So sorry about your car and you....Hope your bumps and bruises go away quickly and you get a new car soon....

  4. Ouch - but glad to hear you weren't seriously hurt! what a bummer. Lovely snow - ours has all melted and i hear we are supposed to have a high of 50 on sunday. i cannot wait

  5. My JR stares at the ceiling...jumps up and down on the bed and barks like crazy...gott'a love that melting snow and ice!

    Hope everything works out OK with the big BOO-
    Boo on the Jeep.....