Thursday, January 28, 2010

Pat's challenge

Pat at A Little Bit of this and Pat... offered a break from the doldrums of winter by challenging her readers to look back at the 5th folder/5th photo of saved pictures.  I had to switch to my old computer to search back, and found this picture of my daughter and Gracie at the Manchester, Vt summer horse show.  What memories!  This particular show is held in a large farmer's field on the side of the road.  For a week, we were at the show grounds for 10 hours a day -- no permanent facilities.  This was Gracie's first major horse show and it is a professional photograph.  My pics of any of the horse shows usually snap just after they finish the jump.  As a non-horse person, my nerves were usually very on edge when C was in the jump ring.  These fences were quite low, but for a period of time, she was jumping 4 foot fences - and had her share of falls.  Thanks for the memories, Pat.

My week has been consumed with replacing my vehicle.   C found the exact model Jeep - it's a unique 98 with a powerful engine and tow capability - so I went to Vermont to test and bring it home.  Registration, inspection, accident paperwork, rental return... just consumes so much time.  Today I will be sitting at the dealer's to address little issues and get the inspection sticker.  With little time to work on quilting, I will take this project that has dragged on for a while.

It is a table runner with a duplicate design on the other end.  It has become one of those projects that I forget for a while, then realize that I do want to finish it. 

Pat has also become my harbinger of weather - doesn't sound great for the weekend.  I will leave with a picture of my view from the sewing machine earlier in the week.  I thought we might be finished with this!

Have a great day!



  1. What a terrific picture. I can imagine that I'd be a nervous wreck if my child was doing that...but I guess many of the activities of our kids have their share of "risk", don't they? Thanks for playing along with my little photo game!

  2. The first picture is awesome! Love your runner and the last picture makes me cold....have a great day...sorry for the car troubles...but once it all gets done, life will get back to normal.

  3. OMG! If I saw GP doing that I would have to be given CPR! LOL!