Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sew in

Just the thought of many quilters working last night kept me going...  until around 11 when I realized that I had folded back part of the edge of the quilt.  Fortunately we were not in the same room as I sometimes use colorful language when I make such a discovery...

My companion - I have a bad back so I think she thinks she is forcing me to sit up straight!  (yes, she remains there while I'm working at the machine but only in the evening.  During the day, she has a basket and surveys her back yard to protect it from birds and squirrels.

Sorry about the green eyes - no idea how to fix it.  The room has radiant heating so I wear layers that can be tossed after a fairly short time - amazing when you have warm feet that the rest of you warms quickly.

Project -- I had several on the docket - Amish stars, Schnibbles... but quilting the second story quilt took priority. 

So very close, but...

Back to work - need to deliver the quilt today, so will be heading for Vermont. 

Thanks for the company... have a great day.



  1. Cute quilt. Wasn't the Friday Night Sew-In fun??

  2. Oh, my...I'm sorry you had that little mishap with the quilt folding over on you. :(

  3. Oh yes, the seam ripper was definitely my friend last night too.....all too often so I finally gave up.

  4. Hope you managed to fix the folded over problem and no damage was done.. Friday night sew in was good...
    Cath Ü