Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tuesday treats

I discovered quilt blogs about 6 months ago and one of the first that I started following daily was Pat's Little bits..of Pat.  I so enjoyed her unpacking of her Amish bag, and was visiting my mother in Lancaster just before Thanksgiving -- with a commitment ahead of time that I was not going to any of the quilt shops this time.  Silly me - I should have known that I couldn't resist the temptation when I drove by (and turned around) the one shop that I have not browsed.  So here are the results of my stop at the PA Fabric outlet on the New Holland Pike.  I can't be as creative as Pat with her tour of the Amish bag - I can't find mine anywhere...Lots of home dec fabric and...

Five yards of white quilter's cotton - two of the cream - and a handle for a ruler.

Black and red webbing for bag straps...

Eight zippers ($1) and 2 wads of elastic (35 cents)..

A bag of buttons and horse bit clasps ($3)

2 yards each of these fabrics - all cotton - at $3.50 a yard

And 3 yards of this fabric - joins my collection of horse fabric for the 2 acre horse quilt that I will make for my daughter some day.

Total purchase - $70...  inspired by Pat?  No, I will assume full responsibility.  There were numerous bins of bits and pieces... my mother wanted to purchase one piece of lace as an insert in her 'low cut' shirts but had to select 6 for a $1 despite trying to tell the clerk that she would just pay the same for the one she selected.

Have a great day!


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  1. OOOOO...what fun! I guess I need to find THAT store, too. I don't recognize that as being one I found on our trip there last month...NEXT time I'll have to be sure to get there, though! Thanks for sharing...you got some great stuff there. (Love the idea of the "2-acre" horse quilt......LOL....guess you have no shortage of horse fabric!!!)