Monday, December 14, 2009

Monday's Musings

With camera in hand, I have finally reset my commitment to keep a diary of sorts of various quilting projects - and join the many who have shared their decorations.  I also had to update the picture from the window -- which at least is not yet covered in snow.  The metal roof on this side of the house allows the snow to slide down and create a huge pile that covered the window for the past three years.  Something about nature's insulation.  This farmhouse was completely renovated in the early 90s, leaving few original features.  The center chimney remains so that there are three fireplaces -- only two are decorated so far. 

The very prim Santa to the left of the wreath was from a giveaway by Brenda at -- and has certainly made himself at home.  What better place than over a fireplace built in 1800 althought I missed the original bread oven on the other side.  Many thanks Brenda!

The livingroom fireplace has my one completed Christmas quilt hanging and a Santa made from an old quilt.  My quilt is one of the Schnibbles.  The close up is one of two tiny Shaker boxes painted by Susan Trenowith and are among my favorite things.

Here's the second painting on a box lid...

I have several small trees around the house - and a balsam candle to make up for the lack of a fresh tree this year.  This one is in the center hall and is the Santa tree.

Finally, in the sewing room, I have two Christmas projects in progress.  I just finished the squares for Gail Pan's stitchery and will frame and complete a small quilt this week.  The second one is Lynda Hall's Bundling Board quilt that is done in muted reds and greens that was intended as a Christmas quilt when started many years ago... and is finally waiting for quilting.

I have linked this post to SewCalGal's virtual Christmas quilt show just for fun...  Great viewing!

I would like to dedicate the picture at the top of the page to Barb - it should make her picture from her window in Hawaii even more appealing!  Tomorrow, I have some pictures for Pat of the goodies that I brought back from Lancaster in my 'Amish bag.'

Have a great day!


  1. Wow Lynda thank you he looks great up there and I love your pictures still want to come live in your old house! lol have a Merry Christmas

  2. Your decorations are beautiful and your property looks so Christmassy with all of that snow!!

  3. I love your decorations and the picture of the snow outside your window is lovely...but I prefer it to stay there and not come HERE!!! LOL I'll look forward to seeing what you carried home from PA in your Amish bag!!!

  4. Pretty quilt & Christmas decorations!

  5. I love your Schnibbles quilt. I made mine with Glace too. Love that fabric. Merry Christmas!