Saturday, December 19, 2009


My sister was invited to a cookie exchange in Boston... with a note on the invitation that says that the packaging of the cookies is as important as the contents (Martha Stewart-ish).  Playing out the role of older sister, I volunteered to make 12 of these..

Our original plan was to get together tomorrow to complete the packages... but the forecast for Maine is iffy for the storm that is creeping up the East coast... so will get together today -- almost finished.

Under the watchful eye...

Meet Bagel -- Parson's Russell with attitude.  She does not like the camera!

Have a great day!



  1. Love the tote!!.....our Jack Russell....Mia....hates to have her picture taken....she always looks like she's frowning!!


  2. WOW...wish I had a sister like you!!! That is SO kind of you to make 12 of those totes for the cookies! Can you be MY sister, too?

  3. I LOVE the tote... where did you find that beautiful fabric...I agree with Pat... will you be my sister? Merry Christmas!