Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Catch up...

Wishing all the joy of the season.  I missed a Christmas post trying to complete gifts and the cooking marathon.  We had a lovely day with family - three horses and two dogs dictate day trips but the long drive to Vermont was well worth the joy in my great nephews' faces as they browsed their story quilts that are yet to be completed.  I took white squares for signatures of grandparents, parents, and aunts and uncles for the back, so they can sleep under the love of family.  C wanted to know if I could have his done the next day.  I asked him for a week.  One note - when adapting to a new GPS, check the route on the directions from BIL... since we started and ended on an unpaved road, we checked that unpaved roads were OK -- somehow we never envisioned the single lane dirt track that was Goat Farm Road.  Thank goodness for four wheel drive.

I fell behind on my Schnibbles -- here is November's in Portobello Market - I seem to have a never ending bin of this fabric but I do love it still.  This is just the top but is in line for backing and quilting this week.

I can't remember the blog post about viewing a quilt through pictures and realizing mis-placed squares, but it is so true.  I love the Picnic quilt too much to leave the two sections with points not pointing, so will sit with seam ripper tonight and finish tomorrow.

My December Schnibbles - Tuffets.  A while ago , Carrie of Miss Rosie fame had a post about darling pin toppers.  I have since learned that I am quite vulnerable in the morning when I read my blogs, and ordered quite a few...so I used the opportunity to make pincushions for several of them.

And I used fabrics from stash for all. 
I do enjoy using the Miss Rosie patterns .. they sometimes test my patience but I love the results.

My immediate goals include finishing the many projects started over the past few years - I have a zigzag quilt in the quilting process with two other quilts in the wings.  Of course, I have to finish the boys' story quilts - then four waiting for piecing.  And I have to visit Knight's in Cape Neddick to use my gift certificate from my sister -

Hope you are all well -

Have a great day!



  1. Your pin toppers and tuffets are cute...can't wait to see the boys' story quilts completed.

  2. I adore the portobello market. I admire your determination to go back and fix those two in the middle of the quilt.
    Those toppers are super cute too.

  3. can't wait to see the boys' story quilts completed.

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  4. what a pretty quilt! and i love your pincushions

  5. I love love love love your pinchusions and pin toppers!! They are all so well thought out, the fabric matches the pins perfectly! What fabric line is the behive fabric from? I love them all!!