Thursday, October 8, 2009

Slow to catch on

Despite my initial plan to begin to record my progress on various projects, I have yet to make writing a more frequent practice.  So while the Red Sox play in the background, I need to do a brain dump of the past few days -- part of this exercise is to begin to create something of a journal for myself as it is supposed to support mental health! 

First, a bit of a leaf update -- we had heavy rains and wind on Wednesday so there are already some bare trees, but the ones across the street are in full color...

The farmhouse is on one side of the gravel road and our barn on the other.  The pony is an almost three year old Welsh cross with a huge personality and cute as can be. 

I have been preparing for a craft show in a few weeks - a first venture.  After 20 years of administrative work, I finally have had the time to pursue quilting and explore some options.  I've been working on a lot of bags and fabric baskets, pin cushions and beaded pins, and candle mats.  It has done wonders for my blood pressure, although as the time draws near, I may panic...

I have to run and turn off the game - the Angels just scored... I have promised my BIL, who is a diehard Red Sox fan that I won't watch as every time I turn on one of his teams, the other team scores... OOPS.



  1. Your farmhouse is just beautiful, the trees are absoutely gorgeous.

    Good luck with your craft show...and thanks for you kindness and concern over the Samoan people.

  2. Good Luck at the show. Love the picture of the beautiful horse and the fall foliage