Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Craft Show

About a month ago, I thought it would be a good project to try a craft show as a participant rather than a looker.  Waiting for a house to sell these days is trying, so this provided a focus and creative outlet.  The show is Saturday, so I have finally started to gather the things together.  I have a wonderful neighbor who dabbles in wood and, after I mentioned the way I would like to display the bags, returned with this:

She used a quilt rack as the model -- and expanded it.  It's about 6 feet high and 7 feet long and completely portable.

I'm using some of my many baskets to display the smaller projects --

I have little tags to attach with washing instructions and prices... and, of course, several projects to finish.  One note to self - if I decide to do this again, I need to give myself a bit more lead time than one month!

Have a great day ...  Lynda


  1. Hi Lynda!
    Wow your neighbor did a great job making that display rack! How cool!!
    Your projects are all adorable, good luck with the sale!